Session II
The Southwood

1 Elasias (Midsummer) 1385 DR

9:00 PM – After dispatching many of the prison escapees and slaying their apparent leader, the party notices several prisoners (several drow amongst them) who managed to slip through the fray. Stealing horses from the stable, they ride south through Loudwater, slaying any who get in their path on their way out of town. In the distance, the scream of a young girl can be heard. Without warning, Zeasla darts into the chaotic bustle of villagers and disappears into the night.

9:05 PM – The party heads south through town in the direction of the riders and the scream. They come upon Rufius, who (along with three of his mirror images) is engaged in a desperate battle to save the library from engulfing flames. While no one is inside, Rufius is desperate to save his books. The party offers to help, grabbing buckets of water and dousing the remaining flames. Sicurious also lends a helping paw, making fine use of his frost breath ability.

9:10 PM – Rufius thanks the party for their help, bemoaning the fact that he was unable to finish the job himself. He suggests that his errant frostbolts are indicitive of a problem with the Weave. He explains that the Weave is what binds the world together—a great magical force from which spellcasters draw magical power. When asked, he says he in unsure whether the strange vortexes of light in the distance are connected to this apparent disturbance in the Weave, as he has never seen anything quite like it before. He is also unsure as to a connection to the drow, as it seems quite implausible that mortals would possess the power to affect the Weave. He asks the party to keep an eye out for his pupil Aylwynn, who said she was heading in search of the drow and rushed off.

9:15 PM – As the party continues towards the southern exit of town, they come upon Enara Sunray, who is frantically tending to the wounded townspeople. She recognizes Shava and asks if she has seen a little blonde-haired girl named Kaylee. Enara has been unable to find Kaylee or the her large companion in the aftermath of the quake, and asks the party to escort her back to the temple if they find her.

9:20 PM – The party heads south out of town and towards Southwood. On the edge of the forest, they find a several horses abandoned. Footsteps lead into the forest, and the party tracks them deep inside.

11:00 PM – After following the tracks several miles into the dense foliage, they spot a woman ahead in the distance crouching behind a tree. She has long, red hair and is adorned in flowing red robes. Shava approaches the woman, who quickly introduces herself as Aylwynn and agrees to “let” the party join her in bringing revenge to the drow. She points out a small archway guarded by two drow built into the side of a hill a short distance ahead, and Kvothe and Timozel agree to scout up ahead. They find a group of archers hidden in the trees atop the hill, and the party makes quick work of them.

11:10 PM – The party discovers two strange carvings atop the archway. One is a symbol resembling a spider turned upon its back, legs in the air. The same symbol is tattooed on the faces of the drow guards who now lie dead. The other carving is a strange rune of origins completely unknown to all in the party.

11:15 – After Shava copies down the carvings in her spellbook, the party passes through the archway and into a long stone tunnel which bends around in circles down into the ground. They scope out a common room at the end of tunnel which contains several guards and a number of escaped prisoners. The mood within the base seems jovial, with raucous laughter and celebration reverberating throughout the cave. Taking them completely by surprise, the party dispatches of them in short order and continues further down the tunnel.

11:30 – The party comes upon a large wooden double door, through which two voices can distinctly be heard. The first speaks elvish, the second speaks giant. Kvothe quietly opens the door to peer inside and get a better listen. At the center of the room is a long wooden table. At the end closest to the door stand three orcs with large axes slung over their shoulders. At the opposite end of the table stands a tall drow man dressed in luxurious robes of red and black. He too bears the tattoo of the upturned spider. Timozel recognizes the crest of King Obould Many Arrows emblazoned on the orcs’ armor.

The drow is trying to convince the orcs to reconsider some proposal he has made, offering the events of this evening as evidence of his master’s great power. The orc who speaks for the group defiantly replies that his king’s word is final, and that there will be no further negotiation. As the meeting appears to be coming to a conclusion, Timozel enters the room to the confusion of all inside. The drow asks the orcs if Timozel is with them, and the orcs ask his business there, to which Timozel responds that he came to join Obould’s army. When further prodded about his specific reason for being there, Timozel notches an arrow and looses it straight towards the head drow. As the guards quickly come to the drow’s defense, the lead orc bursts into laughter and agrees to kill many of these dishonorable drow alongside Timozel and his companions. The battle is fierce, and the lead drow is both surprisingly resilient and powerful. He possesses the ability to charm his enemies, using them to attack one another.

Though the party hews through the guards with the help of the orcs, the lead drow slowly makes his way out of the room and bursts down the tunnel and out of sight with Aylwynn and the orc leader in hot pursuit. As the party lags behind the chase, they hear a loud crash and the rumbling of stones. At the end of the tunnel, it splits in four directions. One of these passageways is full of rubble. The drow is nowhere to be seen.

Session I
Midsummer Festival

1 Elasias (Midsummer) 1385 DR

• 4 PM – Kvothe enters Loudwater and inquires at Riverside Tavern. He learns of drow raids on caravans traveling at night. They seem to be targeting people, not merchandise. He also learns of recent drow raid on a Temple to Pelor which oddly occurred during daytime, during which a group was caught by the local militia. The drow seem to becoming incredibly aggressive and reckless. Though the location of the Drow is unknown, Southwood seems the only logical conclusion, as there is no known entrance to the Underdark near Loudwater.

• 5 PM – Timozel enters Loudwater. He challanges and defeats a very drunken Blovin in an archery competition, winning his bow. Blovin is arrested for drunken behavior and “unsportsmanlike conduct.” Timozel’s wolf companion Sicurious stumbles upon Kvothe. Sicurious will not leave his side.

• 6 PM – Thoran enters Loudwater. He is approached by shady character outside the brawler’s tournament. Thoran agrees to throw the fight to win in bets. After handily dispatching his opponent in the brawl, he is awarded the Great Axe of Swiftness. Thoran is then approached by Kvothe and Timozel after tournament.

• 6:30 PM – Shava Elradara enters Loudwater. She delivers a parcel to Enara Sunray, who she discovers is an old acquaintance of her friend and mentor Amenthlo. They served together in a war against the drow near the Thornwood Forest. Shava helps Enara tend to the patients which reside in the temple (victims of the recent drow attacks) and Enara offers Shava residency at the temple for as long as she chooses to stay.

• 7:30 PM – Shava inquires at Riverside Tavern regarding the drow and any plans to stop them. She learns of a clandestine meeting to be attended by a choice group of Loudwater residents which is planned to take place sometime tomorrow. Upon leaving the tavern, she is pounced upon by Sicurious and meets Kvothe, Timozel, and Thoran.

• 8:30 PM – The town gathers to watch the fireworks show, and as Aelar (elven mayor of Loudwater) dispenses with the obligatory speech, a tremendously loud boom is heard. Strange arcing vortexes of light appear on the horizon as an earthquake rocks the town. The prison atop the hill on the north side of town partially collapses, and a horde of released inmates swarms down the hill towards town. The newly-formed party, aided by a deva wizard named Zeasla, defeats many of these foes, among them some of the drow who were recently captured in an attack on the temple. One of these prisoners bears a note written in blood upon a piece of tattered cloth. It reads: “MIDSUMMER. DUSK. FREEDOM.” Someone was aware that strange events were destined for this day.


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