Session I

Midsummer Festival

1 Elasias (Midsummer) 1385 DR

• 4 PM – Kvothe enters Loudwater and inquires at Riverside Tavern. He learns of drow raids on caravans traveling at night. They seem to be targeting people, not merchandise. He also learns of recent drow raid on a Temple to Pelor which oddly occurred during daytime, during which a group was caught by the local militia. The drow seem to becoming incredibly aggressive and reckless. Though the location of the Drow is unknown, Southwood seems the only logical conclusion, as there is no known entrance to the Underdark near Loudwater.

• 5 PM – Timozel enters Loudwater. He challanges and defeats a very drunken Blovin in an archery competition, winning his bow. Blovin is arrested for drunken behavior and “unsportsmanlike conduct.” Timozel’s wolf companion Sicurious stumbles upon Kvothe. Sicurious will not leave his side.

• 6 PM – Thoran enters Loudwater. He is approached by shady character outside the brawler’s tournament. Thoran agrees to throw the fight to win in bets. After handily dispatching his opponent in the brawl, he is awarded the Great Axe of Swiftness. Thoran is then approached by Kvothe and Timozel after tournament.

• 6:30 PM – Shava Elradara enters Loudwater. She delivers a parcel to Enara Sunray, who she discovers is an old acquaintance of her friend and mentor Amenthlo. They served together in a war against the drow near the Thornwood Forest. Shava helps Enara tend to the patients which reside in the temple (victims of the recent drow attacks) and Enara offers Shava residency at the temple for as long as she chooses to stay.

• 7:30 PM – Shava inquires at Riverside Tavern regarding the drow and any plans to stop them. She learns of a clandestine meeting to be attended by a choice group of Loudwater residents which is planned to take place sometime tomorrow. Upon leaving the tavern, she is pounced upon by Sicurious and meets Kvothe, Timozel, and Thoran.

• 8:30 PM – The town gathers to watch the fireworks show, and as Aelar (elven mayor of Loudwater) dispenses with the obligatory speech, a tremendously loud boom is heard. Strange arcing vortexes of light appear on the horizon as an earthquake rocks the town. The prison atop the hill on the north side of town partially collapses, and a horde of released inmates swarms down the hill towards town. The newly-formed party, aided by a deva wizard named Zeasla, defeats many of these foes, among them some of the drow who were recently captured in an attack on the temple. One of these prisoners bears a note written in blood upon a piece of tattered cloth. It reads: “MIDSUMMER. DUSK. FREEDOM.” Someone was aware that strange events were destined for this day.



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