Location type: town

Population: approx. 2000 (50% human, 20% elf/half elf, 10% dwarf, 5% eladrin, remaining 15% comprised of halflings, gnomes, tieflings, and other assorted races)

Geographical information: Loudwater sits on a small inlet at the confluence of the Grayflow and Delimbiyr Rivers. It’s area covers approx. ½ mile by ¼ mile with expansive surrounding greenspaces slowly becoming agricultural land to the east and northeast. The small inlet comprises the western border, and the Southwood lies to the south (naturally).

Description: Nestled in a shallow valley where the Rivers Delimbyr and Grayflow join lies the fishing and trading town of Loudwater. Locals, travelers, and merchants carrying goods from far to the east AND west routinely crowd the streets of this bustling town. It is a simple place: mostly thatched wooden buildings, none more than three stories tall, line dusty, well-worn streets of simple earth.

Places of interest: Residents of interest: Campaign Relevance:
  • Kvothe, Shava Elradara, Thoran, and Timozel all found their way here during the Midsummer Festival on 1 Elasias 1385 DR.
  • Loudwater and the nearby roads suffered raids from drow recently linked to the Southwood.
  • Suffered through a great earthquake and raging fires following the strange events of Midsummer’s Eve.
  • Defended by Kvothe, Shava Elradara, Thoran, Timozel, and Zeasla after the prison collapse on Midsummer’s eve.


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